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These 5v Active Buzzer generate Continuous Beep / Tone when powered by a DC source. This type of buzzer only require ON/OFF type of input. The Active buzzers are different from passive buzzers which require AC or Square Wave signal. In passive Buzzers the tone frequency is fixed and can not be changed.
Type : Continuous Sound
Rated Voltage : Nom DC 5V, Min: 3.3V, Max: 5.5V
Current: 6mA +/- 20% @5V DC
Tone Frequency: aprox 2.0 Khz to 5.0Khz
Body Size (pins not included ): 12 x 9.5mm / 0.47″ x 0.37″(D*H)
Pin Pitch : 7mm / 0.28″
External Material : Plastic
Color : Black
Weight: 1.6g
Polarity Reversal: Not Allowed
Package Includes:
1x 3.3-5V Continuous Tone Active Buzzer


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